No admission for infants in arms and children aged below 5 years old.
Eric 周興哲 《Odyssey ~ Journey》World Tour in Malaysia
  • June 2, 2023 8:00 PM
  • Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil
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    • Ticket sales will commence on 7th March (Tuesday) from 2pm onwards, limit to 8 tickets per transaction
    • Do take note that the VIP tickets on 2 June (Friday) will be purely concert tickets and not entitled to the fan meet.


    1. No admission for children age below 5 years old. 5岁以下儿童不得入场

    2. Shall the seats in the section/block do not have side-by-side seats together, the system will allocate whichever split seats that are still available. Hence please check the seats assigned to you before you proceed with payment. Alternatively, you may try on other sections/blocks to check on the availability of side-by-side seats. 如果分區/街區中的座位沒有並排座位,系統將分配分開的座位。 因此,請在付款前檢查分配給您的座位。 或者,您可以嘗試其他分區/街區是否还有並排座位

    3. Each ticket is attached with a UNIQUE QR code (one-time use only) which will be scanned upon venue admission. Please refrain from posting your e-ticket(s) online or share it with others to prevent forgery. 每张门票都附有唯一的二维码(仅限一次性使用),入场时将对其进行扫描。请不要在网上发布您的电子门票或与他人共享,以防止伪造

    Terms of Sales:

    1. Prices are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia & exclude RM4 ticket Booking Fee. 价格以马币报价并且还未附加 RM4 Booking Fee

    2. There will be a RM10 Operational Fee applicable per transaction. 每笔交易将收取 RM10 Operational Fee

    3. All areas are numbered seating. System will auto-generate the “Next Available Seat”. 所有区域都是编号座位。系统将自动分配 “下一个可得到的座位”

    4. Tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to availability. 门票先到先得

    5. No refund or exchange of tickets is allowed once your booking is confirmed. 购票后恕不退票或换票

    6. Please print & present your e-ticket(s) with QR code at the venue for entry. 请打印并出示您的二维码电子门票以便验证入场

    7. Lost or damaged ticket(s) will not be entertained. 丢失或损坏的门票将不予受理

    8. In the event of an Event being cancelled or postponed, or if the venue or content is significantly changed, we will do our best to inform all purchasers using the contact details provided when the order was made. However, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to check whether the Event is going ahead at the scheduled date, time and venue. We cannot be held liable for any expenses you may incur in respect of travel, accommodation, or otherwise arising from cancellation or postponement of an Event. 如果活动被取消或推迟,或者场地或内容发生变化,我们将尽最大努力使用下订单时提供的联系方式通知所有购买者。但是,购买者有责任检查活动是否在预定的日期、时间和地点进行。对于您可能因旅行、住宿或因活动取消或推迟而产生的其他费用,我们不承担任何责任。

    9. Other terms and conditions apply. 其他条款和条件可能会另外实施或执行


    The Long-awaited Eric Chou [Odyssey ~ Journey] World Tour is coming to Malaysia this June!

    After much anticipation, Taiwanese Mandopop’s “King of the Lovelorn People, Eric Chou, is bringing his long-awaited tour, The Odyssey ~Journey World Tour to Malaysia at Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur on 02 June 2023.

    “The Odyssey Journey” title of the tour comes from Greek mythology, which signifies that every hero must go through thousands of trials to become a true hero. Eric says emotionally: "Everyone is trying very hard to be a better person, and it's because of you, my dear fans, the journey of my journey continues, that I'm working hard with."

    Eric's "Odyssey ~Journey" has been sold out every stop of the way. From the first concert in Singapore to Taiwan, Las Vegas in the United States of America, Vancouver in Canada, and the two concerts that were held at the Hong Kong Coliseum last weekend, tickets were in high demand. Including his first ever fan meet in Thailand where it was a box office success. It is no doubt that Eric is beloved and well known as the prince of contemporary heartthrob love songs.

    Do take note that the VIP tickets for the 02 June show will be purely concert tickets and not entitled to the fan meet. Show time will be 8:00pm.

    For more information, please visit UnUsUaL Entertainment's official Facebook and Instagram pages.

    Eric Chou ‘Odyssey Journey’ is proudly brought to you by UnUsUaL Entertainment.

    备受期待的 Eric 周兴哲《Odyssey~旅程》世界巡回演 唱会将於今年六月进军大马开唱!

    被誉为台湾华语流行音乐的“情歌王子”周兴哲终于在千呼万唤下于今年6 月02 日带着他备受期待的 《Odyssey~旅程》世界巡回演唱会,在吉隆坡 Axiata Arena 和他心爱的小兴星们见面。

    此次巡演“Odyssey”的名称来自希腊神话,寓意每一个英雄都要经历成千上万的考验才能成为真正的英 雄。周兴哲感叹道,“每个人都在努力成为一个更好的人,因为有你们,我亲爱的粉丝们,我的旅程还 在继续,我和你们一起努力。”

    Eric 周兴哲《Odyssey~旅程》所到之处,演唱会场场爆满。从第一站新加坡到台湾,美国拉斯维加斯, 加拿大温哥华,以及刚于上周末在香港红磡体育馆的两场演唱会都秒杀,一票难求。甚至是首次到泰国 举办售票粉丝会都票房报捷,深受欢迎。真不愧是当代的万人迷情歌王子。

    请留意! 6 月02 日 VIP 的门票将纯粹只是演唱会的门票,没有附加免费粉丝见面会。6月 2 号演出时间: 晚间 8点正

    欲知更多详情,请到 UnUsUaL 飛凡娱乐的官方脸书和 IG 查询。


    1. To enter the concert venue, every concert-goer MUST print & present a valid e-ticket with QR code for validation, including children. 每位观众都必须出示有效的二维码电子门票以进行验证,包括儿童。

    2. Each ticket is attached with a UNIQUE QR code (one-time use only) which will be scanned upon venue admission. Please refrain from posting your e-ticket(s) online or share it with others to prevent forgery. 每张门票都附有唯一的二维码(仅限一次性使用),入场时将对其进行扫描。请不要在网上发布您的电子门票或与他人共享,以防止伪造。

    3. Tickets sold are not refundable or exchangeable. 售出的门票恕不退票或换票。

    4. The Organizer or ticket agent shall not be liable and responsible for any loss or damage on tickets sold. 主办方或票务代理对售出门票的任何遗失或损坏概不负责。

    5. Other terms and conditions apply. 其他条款和条件可能会另外实施或执行。

    Admission Policy:

    1. Wearing mask throughout at the venue is adviseable. 观众建议全程佩戴口罩。

    2. Ticketholder may be subject to body/bag checks upon entering the venue. 持票人可能会在进入场地时接受身体/行李检查。

    3. Strictly NO photography, video or audio recording of any kind is permitted during the show. 演出期间严禁进行任何形式的摄影、录像或录音。

    4. It is forbidden to take into the venue any kind of weapon, sharp objects, explosive, toxic, flammable, and radioactive materials, narcotics and psychotropic substances, food and beverage, or items that may cause disturbance to the regular and orderly execution of the Event. 禁止携带任何武器、尖锐物品、易爆、有毒、易燃、放射性物品,麻醉药品和精神药品,食品饮料,或可能干扰活动正常有序进行的物品进入场馆。

    5. Entry to the event may be refused if the authenticity or validity of a ticket is questionable, including if the ticket has been damaged or defaced in any way, or has not been purchased from Organizer/BookMyShow or authorized points of sale by the organizer. 如果门票的真实性或有效性受到质疑,包括门票是否有任何损坏或污损,或者不是从 Organizer/BookMyShow 或主办方授权的销售点购买的,可能会拒进入场馆观看。

    6. By entering the Event, you agree to accept and abide by any venue rules or other regulations. Organizer and/or venue may at our sole discretion reserve the right to refuse admittance or exclude any attendees who does not respect the above said rules as well as behaving in an inappropriate manner. 您同意接受并遵守任何场地规则或其他规定。主办方和/或场馆管理可以自行决定及保留权利拒绝持票人入场或排除任何不遵守上述规则以及行为不当的持票人。

    Late Admission Rules:

    The concert is scheduled to start at 8:00pm, so please be seated by or before then. 演唱会将定于晚上8点开始,请准时或提前入场。

    Late arrival may result in non-admittance until a suitable break in the performance. 迟到可能导致禁止入场,直到演唱会适当的时段。

    Tickets may not, without the prior written consent of the Organizer/ticket provider, be resold or offered for resale at a premium (including via on-line auction or other unauthorized resale sites) or used for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes(including competitions and trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods or services. If a ticket is sold or used in breach of this condition, the ticket may be cancelled without a refund and the ticketholder may be refused admission.

    The Organizer reserves the right to amend the above without prior notice. In the event of any dispute, the Organizer’s decision is final.

  • June 2, 2023 8:00 PM
  • Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil
  • tickets-fromRM 298